Do you have a friend, family member such as a nephew or niece, that was born in the Fall? Perhaps you, yourself… was born in this wonderful season and want some ideas on what you can do to celebrate your birthday, or you just had a child. In any case, we’ve compiled a list of fun activities, events, and other ideas for you to celebrate your, your friend’s, or your family member’s birthday in the Fall season! Without further ado...

Go to a tailgate/football game: the Fall season is ripe with football games of all levels - whether it’s high school, collegiate, or professional. Gather a bunch of friend’s and make a day of it. Tailgating games, such as cornhole and throwing the football around make for a fun atmosphere and if you or your friend has a favorite team, what better way to celebrate their birthday? Football in the Fall is great before the weather gets cold!

Go hiking: make it a night hike! Bring some reclining chairs and enjoy the night sky. No matter where you are, hiking is a great activity that can bring friends together in a shared context - the great outdoors. 

Visit a pumpkin patch: only available before Halloween, this is a great way to have some people come together and celebrate not only the spookiest day of the year but after you’ve picked out your pumpkin - you can have a pumpkin carving party! Have your honoree (birthday person) judge the contest and award a special prize for the winner. Better yet - after your group is done carving all the pumpkins, put them all together and take a photo for Instagram. The 21st-century method of celebrating… :)

Go Camping: Winter is coming, so be sure to get any last minute camping itches out of your system! Glamping would probably be the better birthday option, as you’ll be able to enjoy the outdoors whilst being comfortable and enjoying all the s’mores in the world. Bring plenty of blankets, a few pillows, and maybe some reclining chairs to stare at the sky and the stars!

Visit an amusement park: many amusement parks in the Fall will offer a “fright night” where they may host haunted houses and are open at night. Check with your local amusement park, but these nights are really fun if you like being spooked and generally give a different perspective on the amusement park since not many people typically visit an amusement park under the stars!

Get a Starmap print: all this talk of the Fall and the stars has got us thinking that a great way to commemorate a birthday is to get a custom star map poster from Craft & Oak. Select your recipient’s birthdate, and write a custom message for him/her. Add a frame and it can make for a really, long-lasting gift. Perfect for a newborn or a young child, this framed print can commemorate their birthday and capture what the stars looked like on the exact day!

We hope these ideas inspire you a bit for not only the Fall season, but perhaps for the birth of your child, nephew, niece, or friend. Thanks for reading!

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