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Just added a 3rd map to my boyfriend's collection (one star map + two city maps) to kick off his big move to a new city! HE LOVES THEM! An added plus is how wonderful the customer support is - they want to always make sure you are a happy customer!

Margot F. 08 of August. 2019

The quality of paper used was impressive. Thicker stock than expected. Customer service is very responsive. A customer centered company.

Mark 17 of July. 2019

LOVE LOVE LOVE I gave this to my husband for our 25 year wedding anniversary. Needless to say he cried!!! Thank you so much!

Joanne 22 of May. 2019

Beautiful product! Shipping time was fantastic. Thoroughly satisfied with the product!

Rob Smith 13 of May. 2019

My bf and I just bought a house and he’s been complaining about how we don’t have anything on the walls. I haven’t given it to him yet but I’m sure he’ll love this gift. I got it framed so now it’s more than a poster it’s art.

Anniversary gift for bf 13 of May. 2019

They have the most amazing customer service. I'm from Mexico and we had trouble with my package but they solve it so quick, returned my messages fast and explained me step by step what to do. Give Susan raise please! And the picture is just magical. Great job guys! Very recommended

Karina O Pineda 09 of May. 2019

The guys here have a super efficient customer service. They help me in any way with my delivery problems At least they solved the situation! Thank you Guys your works are great I wish your best!

Arianna Parisi 09 of May. 2019

I recently order a star map through craft and oak and made a few mistakes with my order. The team there (especially Susan) have been amazing going above and beyond to help me fix my own mistakes! And the actual poster is beautiful I couldn’t be happier! Would highly recommend this company for its high quality service and it’s high quality products

Hayley Martiniello 09 of May. 2019

I for what I paid for my poster I was expecting a higher quality of material. Instead of a thin poster board rolled up with bends in it.

Keaton High 09 of May. 2019

he star map I ordered did not come with the design features I asked and the cut-out-lines and barcode are clearly seen through the paper when held up. On top of this there were numerous other issues with tracking and sender information, that makes this company appear illegitimate. This was for my anniversary and I could not be more dissatisfied with service craft & oak supplied.

Soraya Isabella 09 of May. 2019

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