There is a large range of reasons why people chose to celebrate their special moments using our Star Map posters and prints. It’s not always romantic! Although our maps make incredible anniversary gifts and wedding presents, these maps don’t have to just be for couples. At we see a large variety of different designs coming through and an array of different occasions being celebrated. 

The day your firstborn baby took his first step. The birthday of one of your best mates. The day that you started a new life in a new country or even the day you graduated university. Everyone has their own path and each one is marked in the Skys by the planets, suns, and other celestial bodies. Imprinted in the heavens forever and there always to remind you of any time in space. 

To help you get started with creating your Star Map, here are some pretty cool ideas:

The day your baby was born

This is a pretty popular one and for good reason. Most parents will agree that the day when a young family welcomes their newest member is a special moment like non-other. Maybe you’re a happy yet exhausted first-time mum ( nothing easy about delivering a baby! ) or you’ve just become a father for the first time, that moment when your new child arrives is one that will stay with you until the end. It's an incredible moment when everything else in your life seems to melt away leaving only the miracle of life and the intense love one is felt when welcoming their newborn baby. We get a lot of star map posters for birthdays of new babies, and no wonder, right?

Starting a new career

Not everyone is a parent or even in the part of their lives where they are seeking a committed and long-term relationship. Some of us are hot on the trail of furthering our career ambitions and working our butts off! Like newborn baby star maps, we also see people celebrating special milestones in their work lives. This could be the day you landed your dream job, for your first book published, or even the day you decided to leave one job behind in exchange for another ( these can be scary! ). Work, all too often, can mean sacrifice so when those big days do come along, they are worth remembrance. Especially if/when the road gets tough in the future, it's always good to know where you came from.

The Big Wedding Day

One of our favorites and the most popular star map we receive. A wedding day so often marks the beginning of people's lives together along with their loved ones. It can mean buying a new house, starting a family, moving to a new city, settling down. It's a major turning point in people's lives and for most, its easily one of the big moments in people's lives and is celebrated universally.
Thanks to our incredible Star Map editor, there are lots of different design styles and colors you can choose from to create the perfect Wedding star map. White is always popular for obvious reasons.

Moving Day

Some people never travel outside of their hometown. Which is completely understandable? Why would you want to leave it if it has all the friends, relatives and all your loved ones? Those who stick around end up becoming the community's most important participants and playing important roles in their communities. Their stories are woven into the tapestry of their town/city and you know their names and faces.

There are others who can’t resist the call of the world and need to get out and explore! The allure of the unknown is too strong to refuse. Strange places, exotic lands, and strange and wonderful languages all have their charm. Or maybe it's just the career prospects in the next town or country over? In today’s society, its expected that many of us will change the place we live at least once in our lives. 


The metaphorical potential of the stars is limitless. Sailors relied on the night sky to guide them home. Philosophers gazed up at the night sky, pondering what larger beings might be lurking beyond. When a great Pharoah died, the Egyptians believed he would turn into a star and be immortalized in the night sky.

Some individuals use a star map to remember a loved one who has passed away. It aids them in overcoming the tragedy of loss. One cannot bring the dead back to life, but one may pay tribute to their memory and celebrate their lives. A star map can be used to honor a loved one. Choose a suitable location to hang the map, and it will serve as a constant reminder of the person you will never forget.

Your own birthday

The above examples are, in many ways, about other people. What about the person who means the most to you? To avoid sounding conceited or arrogant, you must also consider number one – yourself. Even the most unselfish, giving, and loving people must consider their own needs. How can you expect to take care of others if you don't take care of yourself?

Take your notion and send it up into the sky. Why don't you head over to our star map creator and enter your own birthday? This is your life, your path, celebrate it!

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