We believe

We live in a world of technological innovation and social media. Memories, trips, and experiences are often commemorated in the digital world through photographs, hashtags, and tags. We believe in making connections and living life - not necessarily online all the time. That's why we created Craft & Oak - to celebrate life's expected and unexpected journeys and adventures. To commemorate and relive those experiences and celebrate them through a tangible item, not just a hashtag.

We believe in showcasing your individuality and uniqueness together, with your loved ones: friends and family. With a fun and simple design process, we want to make a difference in the human experience and do so in an affordable way in custom art, which is traditionally an expensive hobby. Because we're all in this world for a reason, and in it together.

How we got there

What you decorate your spaces with matters. Your decor should be more than just a picture on the wall - it should be your home away from home, your trips and experiences relived and coming alive. Because if you're looking at a blank space where you spend the most time - you're not surrounding yourself with experiences that matter to you.

What we create

We created custom editors for everything you need for a custom decor experience at home. We started with the custom city map print, then built from there - creating a range of home decor products that speak to different experiences and aesthetic tastes. Each product can be customized and personalized. We focus on quality over quantity, working with local printers in high-quality poster material. Our service is unsurpassed, if you ever have an issue with your item, our support team responds within 24 hours.