Creating your own custom map print can be difficult, especially if you aren’t too sure of what exact location you want to honor in print-form. In this post, we outline 4 ideas that you can draw inspiration from to hopefully narrow down a location for your own custom map poster. Once you’re done reading through this article, here’s an additional link that may be helpful when it comes to designing your own poster.

Without further ado, here are our top 4 ideas for picking a location:

1. A place you have lived

One of the best ways to create your own map print is to think of a place you have lived, and explore it on our map-editor! In my personal opinion, I like maps that are slightly “busier”, so I really gravitate towards bigger cities and metropolitan areas when choosing my own custom map print. Other people I have spoken to really enjoy the simplicity of a map when it has fewer streets, but rather exemplifies the region where they lived. No matter your preference of map, there are plenty of ways to customize the print to make it your own and make a statement.

2. Where you met a special someone

This is always a good go-to, when picking a place for your print. This doesn’t HAVE to have a romantic connotation, it could be simply a place where you meet someone that you care about or has mattered to you in your life. If it is a romantic connection, then commemorating where you met or spent time with one another is not a bad idea either ;).

3. Pick a place you have visited

Some of my best memories in my life have been when I have travelled. Getting a map print of your travels is a great way to commemorate a trip where you had a great time, met some amazing people, or had a life-changing experience. Below is my own customized print of Vienna, personally one of the favorite places I’ve visited in my entire life. I could write an entire article about the place, the museums, the cafes, and the history and architecture, but I’ll save it for another day ;)

4. Where you made a memory

Did you do something daring or adventurous? What about loving and intimate? Do you remember where you were and who you were with? Think of a time that mattered in your life, or shifted the direction of your life. Immortalize that moment with a print of that exact location. Customize the caption to describe the scene or the memory itself. Check out the following example, of a special memory in my life. 

Bonus Location Idea: College Campus

Are you currently in school or a recent graduate? Perhaps you just love representing your alma mater. Whatever the reason, decorate your space with the location of your college campus and if the color fits, perhaps choosing a color that reminds you of your school colors! Perfect for the dorm-room. 

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