Your bedroom is your living space. There is nothing more sacred than your bedroom and having a well-equipped bedroom is going to serve you well, not only for your mind - but for your body too! Here’s YourOwnMaps’ social media manager, Victor, on his thoughts on what elements create an amazing bedroom. From plants to custom wall maps, we’ve got you covered.

“My bedroom always has a few staples that I think should be incorporated into every bedroom. You want your bedroom to make you feel at home the moment you’re in it, and I’m a firm believer in foliage, as well as a good book to really make me feel at home!”

  1. PlantsA good addition to any part of the house, but especially in the bedroom, plants and green foliage can provide a breath of fresh air, figuratively and literally - hah! An easy way to make plants work in your room is to pick a smaller one that can fit on your desk or nightstand. Succulents are always a good choice, as are terrariums.

  2. Art - Art is a great way to display your personality and also share the story about you. We had to throw this in there, as some of our custom wall maps are amazing additions to any bedroom. Pictured is a Star map of San Francisco, available at

  3. Nightstand - A nightstand is really vital to the bedroom. Where else are you going to keep your water, books, or plants? I personally love my West Elm Malone Nightstand, pictured below and available here

  4. Books - A great way to further display your personality just in case you have guests in your bedroom. If they aren’t already impressed with your custom wall maps, or nightstand, books are a great conversation starter, and it’s always good to exercise your brain with some active reading before bed.

  5. Good lighting - Lighting is key to not only setting the mood, but for your eyes. Late at night, you don’t want fluorescence distracting you from reading or writing. Make sure you get a good lamp with a soft toned light bulb to maximize your productivity. 

Thanks Victor, we appreciate your suggestions for these items that every bedroom needs.

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