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Design Your Own

Custom Maps

Personalised maps to celebrate every moment, place and memory.
Prints from $49

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Our Designs

Customise any of the following.

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Map your favourite destinations and moments

Pay tribute to your favourite city, revisit special travel spots, immortalise a place where something special happened or create an incredible piece of art. Our custom City Map posters are the perfect gift for your house or a loved one. Design your own city map print and celebrate life's adventures.

Your Design

Example map


Where We First Met

48.857°N / 2.351°E

City layouts
City colours
A5 / A4 / A3 / A2 / A1

City Map Poster

Using our custom-built map editor, choose from a wide variety of themes, colours and sizes. Whether you want to decorate your home/office, or create a piece of art for a loved one - our editor has endless possibilities.

Production Process

Advanced Lichee Printing
using HP Indigo 12000 Press

Paper Stock

250 GSM Matte Paper
Acid Free / Archival Quality


HP Indigo Pigment Inks
30-60 years before colour fading

Parcel Weight

0.95 kg

Hanging Instructions

Best hung indoors or shaded area away from direct contact with sunlight

Responsible Forestry


Map out your memories

Prints from $49Create Now


Prints from $49Create a map of HomeMake Yours

North Pole

Prints from $49Typographical PostersCreate Yours


Prints from $49Typographical PostersCreate your

Dual Star Maps

Prints from $49Perfect art for your wallsStart Yours


Prints from $49Map your favourite sestinationsCreate yours

Map of New York

Prints from $49Create a map of your favourite citiesStart Now

Maps for your office

Prints from $49Our maps bring life to any space.Start Design


Prints from $49Map our your favourite locations.Design Now


Prints from $49Map our your home townDesign Yours


Prints from $49Make your Home CityDesign Now


Prints from $49Where were the stars that night?Try Now

Couples Starmap

Prints from $49Special occasions written in the stars.Make Yours

New York

Prints from $49Comic style map of New YorkCreate Yours

We live in a world of technological innovation and social media. Memories, trips, and experiences are often commemorated in the digital world through photographs, hashtags, and tags.

It is nice to have these memories stored online, easily accessible for ourselves and our friends. However, nothing can compare to a physical object. Something tangible that you can hang on your wall or sit on your desk. A beautiful piece of art, that unlike a smartphone or tablet, isn't actively competing for your attention or requiring a password.

At Craft & Oak, we've created something pretty special. The ability to create art that not only looks great in any space but which also tells a story about your life. Places you've been, moments you've had. Its the perfect decoration for your lounge room or a special and thoughtful gift for a loved one.

Whether you want to decorate your home, just moved into your student dorm, decorate your or your home office. Custom city map prints give a kind of a personal touch to put on your wall. We also have created a small guide on the different colors you can use and combine in your room.

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Produced Locally

Craft & Oak was founded in San Francisco, CA. We run the business locally and have printing partners located across the United States and Europe. Every product that is shipped out is custom-made in the United States or Europe and hand-checked for absolute quality.

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Our latest map style “Sun” explodes with vibrancy and warmth. A great way to showcase the humidty and colours of tropical locations such as Miami, South America or South East Asia.
“Sun” will be sure to bring a boost of colour to any space.

Print above sofa Print above sofa
Miami map Miami map
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Design Your Own Beautiful Posters

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Custom poster $49
Custom poster $49
Custom poster $49
Custom poster $49
Custom poster $49
Custom poster $49
Custom poster $49
Custom poster $49
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Enjoy custom wall art in a space that is personal to you

Fun Process

Designing a custom print is easy and fun with our editors - choose from up to 9 different colors, four layouts, custom elements and more!

Beautiful & Unique

These prints are beautiful and will surely set your or your recipients space apart from the rest!


All prints can be customized and personalized - commemorate a special day such as a birthday, anniversary, or engagement.

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