These are the 10 essential dorm room items for your 2018 Grad! Congratulations! If you have someone in your life about to enter a dorm room, here is a list of 10 items that would be perfect for anyone living in a dorm or shared space.

  1. Black Shower Caddy ($11) - I can’t think of a more essential purchase for living in a dorm. These are perfect for carrying all your toiletries into a shared bathroom, and makes it easy and convenient to have everything in one place. 

  2. Memory Foam Topper ($80) - Dorm beds aren’t exactly known for being the most comfortable! However, by adding a memory foam topper, your bed can be transformed into a place where you’ll want to sleep forever, just make sure you don’t sleep too much!

  3. Moleskine Journal ($12) - I’m a big believer in recording things that happen in your life, whether it be daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. Just pick a schedule and try to stick to it! You’ll thank yourself later when you can look back on your life and have in perfect detail all the events that happened to you. Having kept a journal has really brought me a lot of joy in my life, and helped me stay connected with who I really am. It will also keep you away from your phone, which some will argue is a good thing.

  4. Midea Mini Fridge ($100) - If you have enough room for this essential, then grab one by all means necessary! Having a fridge nearby is going to make your life convenient. Store beverages and take out food, or perhaps food you just want to eat later. 

  5. Craft & Oak ($55) - Craft and Oak poster prints bring a unique presence to any space. It’s a great way to commemorate the milestone of going to college. They really bring character to any space. Choose to have a poster of your hometown and represent it at your new school! Check out our guide on how to design your own map here.

  6. Pottery Barn Hamper ($129) - a hamper really brings some style to any room. Having a plastic hamper is an eyesore, so why not spruce up your room with a beautiful brown handwoven hamper basket?

  7. Pottery Barn Rhett Check Blue Duvet Cover ($99) - this checkered blue duvet cover was sold out for over three months because it was so popular. From Pottery Barn, this will really add some color to the room. In addition to your artwork on the walls - this will add aesthetic without being too overbearing. 

  8. Globe Electric Desk Lamp ($17) - Sometimes dorm room lighting can be too florescent. It’s good to have some more natural reading light in the form of a desk lamp. It has a small base, so it won’t take up too much room on your desk either.

  9. Sunggo Lightning Cable - 10 Feet Long! ($13) - Long phone chargers are so IN right now. Having the flexibility to stare at your phone while charging (which lets admit, everyone does before bed nowadays) is going to be key. Don’t be forced into some awkward prone position because your phone charger isn’t long enough ;)

  10. Space Heater ($25) - depending on where your school is located, a space heater will help you stay warm when it’s simply too cold, and also has a fan option if you’re too hot. I’m the type of guy that’s always cold indoors! Even in the summer - I would have this bad boy on - people would make fun of me for it, but so what? At least i’m comfortable!

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