Whenever you see a world map, you could be looking at anything from a plastic, classroom style such as you would find in a history class or an ornate, custom framed beauty worthy of a personal library. Either way, these types of maps have proven useful for hundreds of years.

World maps have dated back virtually as long as history itself. The first versions were crude and incomplete. Still, they were exacting in the idea of a world so vast, yet mysterious and undiscovered. The early discoverers used them in their travels, along with the stars, and positioned themselves in history because of their geographical importance. As new lands were introduced, the world map became an indelible asset to travelers everywhere as their information was constantly updated.

Even the simple plastic versions found in classrooms everywhere has a significant importance as to how far we have come. They show a side of our planet that we cannot imagine and a view that can only be experienced from space looking down on our planet, reserved only for astronauts. It is hard to comprehend the magnitude of our world until it laid out on a flat surface.

You can find framed maps in virtually any price range with the higher end being almost museum quality. There are topographic models available that show raised terrain and valley regions. It is interesting to see the difference in the separate parts of the world and its design. You can also find some showing time lines of discoveries for each part of the continents or various civilizations.

Some of the favorites are the ones produced in the old world format. They consist of earthy colors typical of earlier time periods and are, of course, not entirely accurate as opposed to the modern versions of today. Their crude design was reminiscent of the times, which many find to be their endearing quality. They were, however, state-of-the-art in their day and considered invaluable due to their knowledge. Since this was before the GPS and Internet age they were virtually all that was available for some adventurers.

So you can see that there is a world map for every need. From students to conversation piece in your study, they help to bring our world’s vastness to light.

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