What Mother's Day Means to me

Mother's day is around the corner. It is a very special day to me like for many of you. 

Why is it a special day to me?

When I was 1.5 years old my father passed away and my mother was on her own. We lived in an apartment in Vienna, my father was working on a couple of projects as an aspiring architect with my mother. The day my father passed away was in February, during the carnival season. I was wearing a frog costume held in the arms of my mum when the police officer came to tell my mother the sad news. She started crying and took action.

She took over the projects of my father and started working as a stage designer, without experience. Also she started in parallel to work as a costume designer. Her career started thriving.

During this time, I moved to my grandparents, on the country side in Wieselburg. I was really lucky with my grandparents and three funny uncles who waited for me (my mum was the oldest one and I so all my uncles were pretty young). 

Over the next 2 years my mum was working really hard, tackled the loss of my father while I had a good time with my uncles and grandparents.

Fast forwards: After these 2 years my mum brought me back to Vienna where I spend the rest of my life till I turned 20. Then I started moving abroad, lived in 10+ countries to explore the world till I ended up in Sydney Australia where I am right now, I am 31 years old.

A lot has happened but I look back on many positive experiences, and despite the odds of my father passed away early I am lucky having being grown up with such a strong mother who:

  1. Took action to help her family, which was only me
  2. Cared for me, giving me all the possibilities in life, living abroad in many places
  3. Taught me how to cook great food, she is a great cook
  4. Be resilient and persistent, nothing needs to be explained I think :)
  5. Love the community I am around with, which is my uncles fault who are very chatty and networking but still my mum initiated it

Mother's day is just any other day, write a list on why you are thankful for your mum being your mum...

Also my mum would not like me complementing her for all the great things she did for me, so don't tell her if you see her.

Here is a picture of me and my mum... Thank you!

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