Traveling with a partner is a great way to know someone. We at Craft & Oak have composed a list of our top reasons, along with travel tips, as to why you should travel together in a relationship before saying “I Do”! I personally believe that traveling is one of the best things you can do with your loved one, a trip with that special someone can create memories that last a lifetime.

Reason 1: Understanding each other. So much about being in a healthy committed relationship is to trust one another, understand each other’s limits and motivations, and be able to communicate. Traveling helps bond couples together through common goals and shared interests. Along with a couple’s travels, you may encounter challenges and obstacles - that when you solve with your partner will help improve the strength of your overall relationship.

Reason 2: It’s cheaper! Traveling with a partner lets you split expenses among the two of you. Worried about a $200 hotel room? Well if you split it with your partner, it’s only $100/person! Take advantage of travel deals that help bring the overall cost down with an extra number of people added. You can even travel with another couple!

Reason 3: Some travel experiences were meant to be shared. Traveling is good for you in that some places are just better enjoyed with a significant other - especially in a romantic setting. Sunset gazing, dining at a classy restaurant - all these experiences may be, while not necessary, enhanced by having a significant other.

Reason 4: Getting to know your partner better in the form of small discoveries! Perhaps your partner knows a little bit of Icelandic language, or you learn they have a fun or unique skill that’s never been on display before. The fun idiosyncrasies of another person are always interesting to discover and can help strengthen your relationship as you’ll know something about them that other people rarely will get to see.

Use our online map maker to document your travels. It's always a great idea to remember memories that brought you closer together.

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