We're introducing a new series here at YourOwnMaps, where we ask local artists and photographers to contribute their experiences about a particular place that resonates with them. We recently reached out on our Instagram page to all our followers and asked if anyone was a local city photographer. We then were contacted by Nathan Cartwright and we learned quite a bit about him! The following is what Nathan had to say about his favorite city and a little bit about himself!

About the artist:

Nathan Cartwright lives in Swansea, United Kingdom. He has a particular interest in maps and previously based some of his artwork on the 'representation of cities as maps.' Also, he enjoys watching people, urban design, and societies and feel this links in and is represented in his photography. When Nathan isn't taking photos, Nathan has a part time job as a Barista where he saves up money to travel with his camera! 

Nathan on his favorite city:

"My favorite city is San Francisco. I have been lucky enough to experience the city 3 times. One reason why it's my favorite city is that it's constantly changing, offering a new experience every time. San Francisco, in my opinion, is the cultural capital of the US, every turned corner always offers something to photograph. One of my favorite things to do is to walk through the districts of the city and photograph what is unique to them. Whether it's the lively streets of Chinatown or the local businesses of the wharf, each district has its own identity which I love capturing. Another area of the city I like is the quiet parks and the Bay Area. I like to photograph the contrasting city with these spaces.

The city matters to me because it's one of few cities I have found a connection with. As said previously, the culture of San Francisco is truly wonderful to capture and the city has a good balance of city and space which is great for both photographs and the person."

You can discover more about Nathan's photography on his Instagram: @nathancartwrightphotography

If you or someone you know is interested in being featured on our blog and Instagram, have them reach out to us directly via direct message on Instagram or at office@yourownmaps with the subject: Photography Collaboration

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