We are continuing the Artist in Residence Series here at YourOwnMaps. In this post, we worked with Lisa who primarily photographs Arizona with some parts of Vermont mixed in. We asked Lisa what places in the world resonated with her and asked her to tell us a little bit about herself, and also to include some of her favorite photos she's taken. We are continually looking for photographers and artists to contribute, please check us out on our Instagram page and reach out to us there via direct message or send us an e-mail! If this post brings you inspiration to design your own custom print of a location YOU love, check out our design tips here!

About the artist:

Lisa is the author and photographer behind the Instagram Account @abitofeastandwest (A Bit of East and West). 

About her favorite places:

"Last summer we moved to our primary residence in Scottsdale, Arizona, from the Green Mountains of Vermont.  I am totally enjoying photographing the vastly different landscape and lifestyle of the Sonoran Desert!  Some of my favorite  things I've discovered in the desert are the majestic Wild Horses of Salt River, the awesome variety of Cactus, and the spectacular desert views.

We continue to return to our home state of Vermont (a foliage visit is scheduled this Fall!), to photograph its' own gorgeous landscapes and what it has to offer."

Please check out Lisa's Instagram account, @abitofeastandwest to follow along on her discoveries. 

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