We have seen tons of prints come through our printing presses, but some stand out to us more than others! We wanted to take this chance to share with you all the custom star maps and custom city maps that were ordered in December. We think these could serve as great inspirations for your own walls at home.

#1. George Town (Cayman Islands) Custom City Map

We absolutely love this print, it’s a great use of the white space and the contrast between black and white. Next thing we need to do is to visit the Cayman Islands and to put this beautiful print up in our studio!

#2. Honolulu, HI (by Colin Murphy) Custom City Map

This was a custom city map that one of our customers wanted to give to his mom for Christmas. It was important to Colin that we were able to capture Wakiki Beach and the local downtown area of Oahu, along with Diamond Head (on the eastern side). We absolutely think it’s amazing that he could get exactly what he wanted, love the detail of this print!

#3. Titus Lake Customized Map

This actually is a really simplistic custom map, but we loved that Titus Lake, was heart-shaped. What a creative and thoughtful gift. I’m sure this would look great framed!

#4. Geiranger Fjord Custom City Map

The actual fjord of Geiranger is on the eastern side of this map, but this is a beautiful way to use the map technology and colors available at Craft & Oak. The green color really brings out an emotion of the landscape. If you haven’t heard of fjords, a fjord is a long narrow inlet of water, with steep sides typically created by glacial erosion. They are very common in Norway and is one of the main reasons to visit Norway! What a beautiful map. Many of our customers order a full set of custom city map prints to commemorate a special trip that they took.

#5 Telling a Story Through Multiple Star Maps

Star Maps are amazing ways to commemorate certain dates such as engagements, weddings, birthdays and more. This month, however, we saw a beautiful set of 4 prints that was ordered which told a story - a story of a tragic fall and a rebirth for a family. We’re keeping this person’s identity anonymous, but we did love this concept. 

What do you all think, what was your favorite?

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