Our workplace is an essential and an often underestimated place for us to invest in when it comes to decorating or optimizing it. Whether you’re a student, self employed, company owner or employee we all spend a significant amount of time in our work environments. Taking control of changing the look and feel of your workplace feels good and adds a personal touch to a place that you probably spend more time in, than in your own living room.

So how can you decorate and optimize your workplace?

1. Decorate Your Workplace With Plants

Plants have a lot of benefits to people at work, they can clean the air, taking care of them helps to release stress and plants can uplift mood and productivity. Who does not want that? Article for reference: here.

2. Design Follows Function

When you buy pen holders, mousepads, and the like, for your desk - view it as investment. Purchase things that speak to you - even if it is more expensive, you may learn that it gives you increased confidence when it comes to working or being productive. For example: you can get a beautiful desktop organizer vs using a standard one. Example here.

3. Get a Rug Below Your Desk 

Chose a cool color or design! Having a nice rug can make a big difference to the how you feel in your office.

4. Get a Starmap or City Map For Your Workspace

Our recommendation is to find a place of a nice memory of perhaps an accomplishment that you can commemorate, or something that will you make remember why you did what you did to achieve it. You could even tie this memory to a place or the constellation of stars on a certain day either in the past or in the future.

5. Don’t Forget to Keep Your Workplace Clean and Organized

You will benefit from bringing order to your desk, establish a habit of arranging and organizing your desk each day before you leave. It helps coming back the next morning and finding a clean place to start working. Article for reference here.

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