Father’s Day 2018 falls on Sunday, June 17. It’s time to show some heartfelt filial appreciation. There’s enough time for you to put in some thought and come up with a gift for dad that he’ll appreciate.

We’ve come up with this fantastic list of gift ideas for Father’s Day 2018. These are ideas that span budgets and tastes. Don’t throw your monthly budget out of gear buying a gift for your dad. Give him a gift that will bring a smile to his face – a gift that respects his tastes and sensibilities. A little thought will help you come up with the ideal present for this day. We’ve done a lot of thinking so that you can gift something cool and creative to your father. You can personalize the gift by having it engraved, monogrammed, or with a special print.

  1. Deep Sea Sand Art – A gift like no other. It carries with it an aura of timelessness and is mesmerizingly beautiful to look at. It’s an innovative desk sculpture that forms beautiful vistas and designs every time the frame is flipped. Sand dunes, golden mountains, grey oceans, waterfalls, and blue skies appear as if by magic. Deep Sea Sand Art makes for a beautiful display piece to be placed on mantels and bookshelves. Present your dad with this gift that soothes and is also a magnet for all eyes in the room.
  2. Amazon Echo – Gift your dad access to the world’s most intelligent personal assistant, and one that never takes a holiday. Echo smart speakers connect to Alexa, an AI-driven personal assistant. Give your dad a companion that responds to commands and plays audiobooks and music; answers questions; allows hands-free calling; manages shopping lists; and serves as a control for smart devices at home. Amazon Echo enriches lives and simplifies things. It is one of those gadgets that quickly prove their worth and become indispensable.
  3. Personalized maps – A superbly innovative gifting idea that lets you link memories with destinations. These personalized map posters from Craft & Oak offer two options – city maps and star maps. What would your dad want the map to show - the city where your mom and dad met for the first time, the suburb that your dad grew up in, or a map of your family’s memorable holiday in France? Get 25% off on the second map that you order. You can easily enter the details of the location online and watch the map come alive. Check it out!
  4. Kayak – Yes, a kayak! Gift your dad the means to fulfill his desire for adventure. Kayaking is a great physical activity that works the upper body and in the relaxing environs of a lake, pond, or backwaters, your dad can rejuvenate body and mind while casting a line and hopefully bringing home dinner. This kayak is a value-for-money deal for beginners. With a large, open cockpit and adjustable padded seat, the kayak comes with a durable paddle for easy rowing. The kayak has a rugged unibody hull and a surprisingly large amount of storage.
  5. Dry Rub Shaker – A sturdy stainless steel dry rub shaker is the perfect gift for dads who love grilling meats, poultry, and vegetables in the backyard. A much better option than packaged rubs because it is economical, disperses just the right amount, and lets you experiment with mixes. Your closely guarded mix recipes will yield even better results when you rub flavors into the meat with this dry rub shaker. The meat stays tender and juices inside because with this shaker you don’t prick and puncture the meat. Even distribution of coarse or fine seasoning is a big plus with the dry rub shaker.
  6. The Kaufmann Mercantile Guide – It’s a DIY book of life’s basic skills like how to shuck an oyster and ford a stream. It’s a useful and at the same time quirky gift for dads who’ve taken pride all their lives in being hands-on and for knowing stuff. They’ll enjoy it. And the best part of it is that they can share their memories and knowledge with their grandchildren. This is a gift for generations. It stokes curiosity, will intrigue your father and get him to try things, and will be a conversation starter at home.
  7. Chess set – This chess set is like no other because it is exquisitely crafted and features metal pieces that have been given a nickel and titanium finish. The board has hidden storage for all pieces. A perfect game for you and dad to match wits for hours on the weekend. Easily carried to a party or club where pater can chug his favorite libation while discussing classic chess battles between Fischer and Spassky. This beautifully crafted chess set can actually serve as a showpiece, once the pieces are laid out you won’t feel like putting them back in to the box.
  8. Kettlebell – A kettlebell makes for a perfect gift for dads that are forever planning to exercise but need that little bit of motivation. This 36 lbs. kettlebell with adjustable weights is made of durable PVC and contains steel weights. You save serious money with this single kettlebell because you don’t have to spend on lighter and heavier kettlebells. A single kettlebell is also easier to store. Kettlebell workouts burn calories, strengthen the core, strengthen ligaments and sinews, and help you develop muscles. As we age, we can really do with the benefits of compound movements and full-body workouts. We get these with kettlebell workouts.
  9. Sneakers – If you’re considering a utilitarian gift that also looks cool, then these Longchamp sneakers are a perfect fit…for your dad’s feet. Give him an irresistible reason to step out for evening walks or head out to the tennis courts for a game with his mates. These attractive sneakers are made from calfskin leather and feature dark and neutral tones enlivened by splashes of color on the tongue and at the back.


The Craft & Oak Team

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