5 Ways to Elevate Your Home Office

Now-a-days, working from home is becoming more and more part of the work-week. With commute times getting crazy, especially in large metropolitan areas, we’re all looking for a bit of respite from the commute by working from home. Whether or not you work from home one day a week, two days a week, or full-time, we hope that this guide can give you some inspiration to create a deeply personal and emotive workspace for you. We hope these tips create a comfortable and inspiring workspace to be around, so that you can be your most productive and get into the flow of work.

1. Choosing a space 

Depending on how much time you work from home, you can choose a large or small room. We recommend a larger space if you are going to spend more time there, as having too small of a space may feel confining over longer periods of time. Look for a space with a ton of natural light to help you maintain your energy levels throughout the day. Investing in a nice desk is a good idea, as having a desk where you like to work will energize you. 

2. Choose furniture that makes sense 

Besides the desk, choosing furniture that serve multiple purposes can be of use. Such as a cozy chair, not only could you do some reading for work in it - but if you need a space to relax, having a comfortable lounge chair may be a great addition to your office. A warm rug can help liven up the office and keep it from being dull - the last thing you want in your home office is to make it feel too sterile. Finish off your space by adding some plants, which are all known to be mood-boosters!

3. Choose a paint job

Changing the color to your walls is the easiest way to make your room feel different than it was before, and also a great way to boost your mood. Choose colors such as a soft blue, or a grey-green, or clean white to encourage calmness and tranquility. If you’re the creative type, you may choose bolder colors such as red, or warm colors such as peach and orange. These colors typically will motivate and excite you, so choose appropriately.

4. Pick some art pieces

I personally hate working in a space with bland walls, hell, I don’t even like going into somebody else’s home or space that has completely bare walls. Having some framed art, or posters up can definitely help liven up your space. Choose art that speaks to you, is personal, and emotive. Some art can even help to inspire you. If you’re looking for a custom print, you can get one on our website. Another good resource is Etsy, to find some customized prints/pieces of art to decorate your space even further. 

5. Pick some organizational tools

We all need to keep organized, keep your mind clear with a clean and organized workspace. Having a filing system to keep all your papers and life organized is helpful, you can also choose a desk with some storage so that your desk also carries some utility! You can also try decorating your space with floating shelves attached to your wall. A good bookshelf is also a great tool for keeping organized and keeping all your things in one place.

Hopefully these tips help you with whatever space you’re working with! You should be able to quickly transform your space into a comfortable, productive place of work. If you have a beautiful home office, share it with us by tagging @craftoak on Instagram!

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