5 Gifts for Back to School

Ah yes, August is upon us - which can only mean one thing: school is going to be back in session. Back in the “day”, school wouldn’t start until the first week of September, but now-a-days, I feel that the start date for many high schools and colleges is getting pushed earlier and earlier. 
There are many things one needs to prepare for going back to school, or going off to university. Buying textbooks (try renting them to save money!), school supplies, and other school essentials can be daunting. Having a friend or loved one going back to school is an opportunity for you to get them a gift to make their transition from the lazy days of summer back to the tough grind that is getting an education. Whether in the United States, Europe, Australia, or anywhere… here’s the official Craft & Oak gift guide for back to school in 2018.

  1. Slippers - don’t ever underestimate a great pair of slippers. Being comfortable in a dorm room, at home after school, or just going to dinner, having a great pair of slippers that you can throw on after a long day of classes is such a great treat. Here’s one of our choices for a great pair of slippers at $85. 

  2. Moleskine Journal ($12) - I love writing down my thoughts, whether bad, good, or in between. The frequency can be daily, weekly, monhtly or whatever you want! You’ll be thankful later when you can look back on your thoughts and reflect on them. Since going back to school is a big transition, having the ability to write in a journal as a form of therapy is really great. Plus, any time away from screen time… is a good time!

  3. Insulated Water Bottles - if you’ve been reading these blogs, you know that I am a huge fan of insulated water bottles. Saving the planet from paper/disposable cups, staying hydrated, and keeping water on you at all times is a good key to staying healthy. I personally have an idea to put a twist on an insulated water bottle as well! More details on that in the future. Anyway, this YETI $29.99 bottle is quite a steal. Highly recommend.

  4. Antropologie Candle ($28) - Anthropologie makes great candles. Great for gifts, great for setting the mood, and great for relaxing. Give the gift of scent for your back-to-schooler and they’ll thank you later.

  5. Some Green - No, I’m not talking about the drug! I’m talking about plants. Having plants in your workspace will improve productivity and overall satisfaction. We recommend sprucing up any space with some green (succulents, plants, bonsais,etc). These should go over well :)

Bonus: To spruce up an empty wall, we recommend a custom city or star map from Craft & Oak (our website!). Please be sure to use the special discount code we have going on currently “BACK2SCHOOL”. It is valid until 8/31/2018.

I hope these tips help you figure out what to give your special someone who is going back to school. 

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