This year, we’re starting our gift recommendation for Mother’s Day early! Last year, I personally slacked on what I should have gotten my mom, that I ended up just paying out the nose for last minute flowers. This year, I’m starting EARLY. Hence, why this blog article is being published and written well over a month in advance! 

Whether you’re shopping for a personalized gift such as our custom star maps or custom map posters, or a non-personalized gift that’s still a nice addition to any Mother’s Day… we got you covered with our 2018 Mother’s Day Gift Guide! Please note, we did not include flowers in our gift guide this year, but those will always impress :). Without further ado...

#1 Flavor Infused Water Bottle by uncommongoods ($15). This easy gift is pretty reasonably priced and allows your mom to put her favorite fruits in it to infuse the taste of water! Great gift for the health-conscious mom who is also looking to save the environment!

#2 Faux Fur Robe by PotteryBarn ($75). These look SO comfy! Your mother will love snuggling up in her robe late at night and early in the morning. If your mom loves watching her favorite TV shows on the couch, this is a GREAT addition to that time that she has to herself everyday.

#3 Custom Star Map ($49). These Custom Star Maps by YourOwnSky - our other product, allows anyone to customize the night sky, just as it was, on any date, viewed from any location. That means that you can get her a star map of exactly the night you were born, or perhaps her wedding day, or even her birthday! Customize the colors, the label, and choose from circular/non-circular designs. The possibilities are endless. We have a special discount promotion for Mother’s Day: use code “MOTHERS” for 15% OFF your order!

#4 AVEDA Exfoliating Creme Cleanser ($29) - this facial cleanser is perfect for the Mother looking for perfect skin. This cleanser increases cell-turnover, and “conditions skin and removes skin-dulling surface cells and impurities. It contains the same tourmaline as La Mer’s cleansing gel and is widely used in exfoliating products.” What a steal for $29. Mom will LOVE this!

#5 Wine Picnic Bag from Bed Bath and Beyond ($60-80) - these picnic bags are SURE to come in handy just in time for the summer. Allows your mom to carry her favorite wine and picnic fixins out to the park, or the trail, or anywhere outdoors! This picnic bag includes a ton of included accessories such as wine glasses, a cutting board for cheese, and salt/pepper shakers! Must have!

I hope these gift ideas are of help to you for this year. Let us know how your Mother’s Day went! Also let us know if you ordered a custom star map or custom map poster, we’d love to collaborate and see your photos! 

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YourOwnMaps Team

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