Having trouble deciding between a city-map poster that’s pre-defined, or a custom one? 

Here are 5 benefits of making your own custom map poster!

1. Create Personalized Maps

One of the main benefits of making your own custom poster is that it can be highly customized to your exact specifications!  Whether it’s for yourself or a gift, the personalized nature of a custom poster will add that special touch to any space. You can commemorate certain occasions, such as a birthday, the day your child was born, a wedding, or a first date. You can also customize our map posters to your hometown, a place you have lived, a place you have visited or any other place of importance to you. The possibilities are endless, and at the end of the day, you’ll have a much more unique print than anyone else.

2. Custom Map Posters Make for a Unique Gift

Give someone you care about the gift of a customized poster of a place that is important to them. Many map companies sell maps of popular cities - San Francisco, London, Paris, Tokyo - but what if the place you want to commemorate is more remote - such as a small town just outside of those cities? Using craftoak.com’s editor technology, you’re able to select an area that is more unique and most likely not offered by other map providers. For any occasion, you can really make an impression with a unique custom poster.

3. Get Your Map Exactly How You Want It

Along the same lines as above, you can customize the map to your EXACT specifications. You can zoom in, zoom out, drag the map around to encompass as much or as little as you want! Some of our clients ask for a map of their neighborhood with custom labels, and we can provide exactly that for them. We’re proud to be the provider of many custom maps that simply can’t be found anywhere else. We have unique colors such as a bold light blue, green, and circular / non circular filters!

4. Having Fun with the Design Process Using Custom Map Maker

Part of the fun of making your own poster is the design process itself. Some of our customers can become quite collaborative with figuring out exactly what map print they want. It’s also a fun creative process, as our clients can choose from 9 different colors, such as blue, green, circular, non-circular, pink, and others. You can also choose from two different sizes and orientations. Not to mention the caption possibilities are endless. Playing with our map editor technology is just plain fun - and that’s the experience we’d like for you - to have fun and to receive a beautiful custom map poster at the end of it.

5. Print & Display Your Custom Maps Proudly

Since the print map is so customized, we find that many of our clients are proud to display it in the most prized locations of their respective abodes. Many friends will come over and it can be a starting point for conversations. Either way, it will be a neat addition to any space and can really set the tone for the interior decor of that space.

At YourOwnMaps.com, you’re able to reap all the benefits of creating your own custom poster right on the website itself! You can personalize your city map in any way, get it exactly how you want it, and have a good time while designing it. No matter the occasion, whether you’re gifting it to yourself or a friend, you’ll be able to display it proudly in any space and be satisfied in knowing your print is unique.

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