What to do when you’re homesick, or what to give someone that is homesick

Homesickness occurs when someone longs for the comforts of their home, this can happen when moving to a new place for work, or school. If you are feeling homesick, or you know someone who is feeling homesick, one good method to combat it is to stay connected with home, but not too connected. Staying connected is a good way to cope with the rough transition of moving to an entirely new area. There are certain things you can bring from your home as well. Below is a small list of ideas on what you can bring from home, or purchase in your new residence to help with homesickness.

1. Buy a Journal

  • Self reflection is a good way to think about your priorities, evaluate what is making you unhappy exactly, and perhaps address those concerns. Perhaps you or your friend is missing a certain creative outlet, and having a journal and/or blog can help with these feelings.

2. Fill your new space with things that remind you of home

  • Bringing pictures of your friends, family, and pets can be a good way to make a new space feel more like home. Bringing your favorite pillow, or blanket, or stuffed animal can also help.
  • Filling your room with positivity and memories of your hometown can help. Having a customized map of your hometown can be surprisingly therapeutic. On Craft and Oak -  you can order a custom poster map print of your own city. Perhaps it will help you feel more connected to your home.
  • Check out our guide on how to design your own map with Craft & Oak HERE.

3. Taking care of yourself

  • This is a time when you should treat yourself - if you are feeling a little down, take yourself out for a nice dinner, or a nice dessert. It’s also important to stay active when homesick - as exercising can produce endorphins to help balance the negative effects of being homesick!

4. Find some foods that remind you of home

  • Having something to have your favorite tastes of home can be a good way to bring back positive memories and to create new memories within your new space. Combining an older positive memory with a new place can really help!

We hope that these tips can help you or someone that you care about really overcome homesickness. Don’t be discouraged if it is taking awhile!

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