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I ordered a print for my husband for Valentine’s Day. Somehow I messed up in ordering it. It didn’t turn out the way I wanted. I contacted the company and explained I wasn’t happy with the print. They were extremely nice and sent me a new one and it is exactly what I wanted. It looks amazing! Great quality! I am very happy with it!

Kristen M. 25 of February. 2019

Love this company! You guys do great work. I have used you a few times for unique wedding gifts to friends and family. This is such fun way to commemorate a destination wedding and special day! Your free shipping option is always appreciated. Thanks!

Abbey Wright 21 of January. 2019

I recently made a print for our honeymoon in 2017. I realized hours after I had ordered, that I made a mistake on the dates I put on the print. I emailed Craft & Oak and within minutes received an email back from Harry. He assured me changes could be made. I then received an email from Susan letting me know my changes had been made and that I was good to go. I deeply appreciated the ease of the customer service and quick replies. I can't wait to see my print!

Sarah O. 13 of January. 2019

Nice poster and beautiful frame.

Amine 01 of October. 2018

I was looking for a unique gift and came across these prints. They're perfect. I love that you can customize every aspect of the print.

Lindsay 19 of September. 2018

Great site! Lots of options, great detail!

Ashton 24 of August. 2018


LUIS DULZAIDES 24 of August. 2018

Great purchase!

Victoria 18 of August. 2018

Love the way you can personalize your own map. I am excited to receive it!

Adam 18 of August. 2018

Such a great concept! Excited to get my artwork!

Alexa 17 of August. 2018